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Our services

NBIA offers a range of services in the specialist field of workplace learning and training.

The following is an overview of what we offer and how the various services fit together either as a company-wide initiative or individual learning experience.

Company learning accreditation

This program is designed to provide total external academic accreditation of in-house learning and training activities. Our assessment methodology picks up a broad cross-section of learning activities and converts them into Australian Qualification Framework academic credits. In this context “learning” is broadly defined in order to capture informal and unstructured learning as well as formal and structured training. We can customise this service to match internal company learning and competency strategies. We can train to fill any gaps.

Personal learning assessments

Our focus in this area is on the individual and their workplace learning journey. We scope, identify and then map individual experience against a selected national business qualification. 100% academic credit is available where the individual has the appropriate competencies. Individual assessments are conducted by professional assessment counsellors. Learning gaps are filled by specific workplace learning exercises or projects. In addition to academic recognition, personal assessments have the benefit of raising an individual’s self-esteem and skills self-awareness. Training is available to fill any learning gaps. Participants can receive full graduation services and certificates on completion of their studies.

Competency mapping

The workplace learning journey is an exercise in competency mapping and implementation. One of the tests of external validity of in-house competency is benchmarking against national or international standards. Competency mapping is the NBIA tool for benchmarking internal competency frameworks and strategies. The NBIA mapping methodology offers maximum flexibility to ensure that all learning outcomes are valued and recognised. Our mapping includes planning support and signposting for in-house instructional designers.

Executive & Management Coaching

NBIA has a comprehensive and successful record of executive and management coaching as part of its broader view of workplace learning. Our coaching services range from informal discussions through to structured workplace learning and development projects.

NBIA coaching offers the development of new insights, approaches and skills through to verification and validation of existing ideas and methods. NBIA coaching services are customised to match individual situations and workplace learning needs. Coaching can include workplace teams or departments with specific issues or challenges. NBIA coaching includes the option of action-learning projects external to the company in order to establish skills in managing diversity or innovation.

Leadership development

People management is a critical business issue for organisations worldwide. Confident and competent people managers and leaders are in high demand. NBIA offers a unique focus on the sociology of leadership and the social technology tools that develop good people managers. Leadership sociology focuses on action-learning and workplace relevance. The NBIA approach builds on previous records by examining and tracking proven leadership performance in real workplace situations.