About Us

Customised Courses & Qualifications

NBIA understands that every organisation and industry sector has it‘s own unique challenges. We believe that organisations achieve success through the quality, versatility and capability of their people. At NBIA we can customise solutions which are flexible, innovative and specific to your organisation’s needs.


  • With as few as five people, we can offer a more cost-effective solution for organisations, allowing you to get the most value for your training dollar
  • Training can be delivered on days and times to best suit your organisation’s schedule
  • Consistency of training ensures that knowledge is being delivered, reducing the risk of information being lost as staff rotate through the organisation
  • Customised Learning and Development can play a key role in increasing staff retention rates and improving job satisfaction
  • By customising a program, you can add your organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Customised courses can be held locally, regionally or nationally
  • A group learning environment promotes better teamwork and improves morale