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Diploma of Accounting FNS50222

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Are you excited about starting your own bookkeeping or accounting business? Or maybe you're ready for a new challenge in your existing organisation? The Diploma of Accounting will give you the skills you need to succeed.

Delivered online, the nationally accredited Diploma of Accounting qualification is popular with people who are working and therefore need excellent education in a flexible format to suit their schedule. Many of our diploma students have been in roles such as bookkeeper, tax agent, assistant accountant, tax return accountant, accounts payable or receivable officer and are looking to greatly increase their career prospects.

The course is instrumental in your pathway to becoming a registered Tax Agent as it is Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) approved. To meet all TPB education requirements you'll need to also complete FNSSS00005 and FNSSS00008 Commercial and Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set.

During the course of the accounting diploma you'll learn a range of accounting functions such as:

  • how to prepare tax documents and financial reports for businesses and individuals
  • how to provide management accounting information
  • how to provide information on financial and business performance
  • how to manage budgets and forecasts
  • how to complete business activity and instalment activity statements
  • how to establish and maintain payroll systems.

What's Included

  • 11 units of study (see specific units of study below) under 5 key topics: Budgeting and Management Reporting; Financial Reporting; Financial Performance and Internal Control; Taxation for Individuals and Legal Entities; Commercial Law.
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Expert trainers with exceptional practical experience
  • Flexible online delivery of course content

Entry Requirement

Entry into the FNS50222 Diploma of Accounting requires completion of the FNSSS00014 Accounting Principles Skill Set; OR completion of FNS40222 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping or equivalent; or its superseded versions (FNS40215/FNS40217 Certificate IV in Bookkeeping or FNS40615 Certificate IV in Accounting) or their equivalent.

Course Duration

The Diploma of Accounting is designed to be completed in 18 months (1200 hours). If you need to first complete the FNSSS00014 Accounting Principles Skill Set the Diploma of Accounting qualification will take 24 months (1400 hours).


There will be multiple small assessments for the Diploma of Accounting that may take a variety of forms including case studies, multiple-choice and short answer questions, calculation and accounting software simulation tests plus role plays. To then complete the full Tax Agent Certification (TPB required assessments) you will be required to undertake supervised examinations.

Career Opportunities

The Diploma of Accounting course is perfect for individuals who wish to secure a role such as:

  • Tax Return Accountant
  • Business Accountant
  • Registered Tax Agent
  • Certified Bookkeeper
  • Tax Agent
  • Tax Accountant
  • Financial Controller
  • BAS Agent
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Tax Return Agent
  • Virtual Bookkeepers
  • Personal Financial Manager
  • Group Financial Controller

More Information

Download the information brochure for this course.

Pricing and Registration

The cost of this course is $3395. All payment plans start with an initial payment of $1500 upfront, which is a non-refundable payment, followed by equal monthly payments based on payment plan duration.

Registrations are now open!

Keen to learn more about this course?

BSBITU402 Develop and use complex spreadsheets

FNSACC408 Work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry

FNSACC511 Provide financial and business performance information

FNSACC512 Prepare tax documentation for individuals

FNSACC513 Manage budgets and forecasts

FNSACC514 Prepare financial reports for corporate entities

FNSACC516 Implement and maintain internal control procedures

FNSACC517 Provide management accounting information

FNSTPB401 Complete business activity and instalment activity statements

FNSTPB402 Establish and maintain payroll systems

FNSTPB503 Apply legal principles in contract and consumer law

When you finish your Diploma of Accounting, you’ll be fully equipped to start working in a variety of accounting, bookkeeping and finance roles. If however, you’d like to pursue a more senior role or possibly start your own accounting practice, you should consider enrolling in the FNS60222 Advanced Diploma of Accounting. Alternatively you might wish to apply for an undergraduate accounting course at a university - you may even receive some credits from the Diploma of Accounting!

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