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I can not thank you enough for all of your help on this matter. You have been amazing. Thank you, thank you, thankyou!
Belinda Scott
It is good news that we are able to submit assessments by email because I am always worried my submission may get lost via snail mail. Thank you and thank Vik.
Irene Schneider, Senior Conveyancer at All State Vic Conveyancers
Thanks very much Chantelle!
I really enjoy reading your feedback and explanations :-)
Kirstie Swift
It was a breath of fresh air to speak to you earlier. It's good to know there is at least one educator out there who understands licensing requirements for conveyancers!
Nadi, Senior Conveyancing Clerk
NBIA was excellent in all aspects of our training!
Laurel, Keleher Arndt and Co
The trainers were thorough and happy to answer all questions at any time. I am very pleased with the flexibility of delivery, quality of instruction and the total training program.
Tony, Northern Motor Group
Thank you for your time, professionalism, and patience. Very happy with NBIA.
NBIA was excellent to deal with as a business and for the training they completed for us; they produced the results that we wanted. They were very flexible and adjusted programs and timetables to suit our needs and our staff. We would have no hesitation in recommending NBIA for any training needs.
BDM Direct
Thank you so much for your email and the continued support.

I look forward to continuing my course and will work hard to finish it by the due date.
George Takla
You're awesome!!
Kirstie Swift
Thank you Elli for your quick response. You are a superstar.
Anuj Raura
I really appreciate how fast you are turning things around since the changeover or ownership; everything has certainly been a lot better and you are all very helpful.
Thank you so much for explaining these questions. I definitely can say that NBIA has amazing trainers like you who are here to assist their students.
I have had bad training experiences in the past but I feel it's the right decision now to re-enrol and take a fresh move from here.

Thanks to Vikrant for providing all the assurance I needed about NBIA under the new management.